Height: 6’5” Weight: 240 Wingspan: 6’10” Age: 22 College: Tennessee Hometown: Zion, Illinois

Admiral Schofield is one of the toughest players in the draft, and one of the hardest workers. His role in the NBA will be a 3 and D guy, and he will be ready to get minutes from day 1. He can help a team with floor spacing, defense, versatility, and toughness. There is nothing specific he can hurt a team with as long as he is playing around shot creators. He has a great work ethic, and improved every year in college. He had 20.8 points per 40 minutes last year for one of the best teams in the country while being a great defender. He had a 1.1 A/to ratio, he has average vision and handles at best, but he plays within himself.

Admiral will play primarily off the ball in the NBA. He’s a very good shooter and he shot 42% from three last season. He was in the 86th percentile in spot ups last year. He is confident in his no dribble jumper and is very efficient with it. When he gets ran off the line he is also good at attacking closeouts. He can attack and get all the way to the rim or shoot pull ups. Admiral shot great last year but I hope he shoots a little less mid range jumpers in the NBA. He took a lot last year, and combining long twos and short jumpers his efficiency was .788PPP which is a huge win for the defense. If you compare this to his threes the efficiency is not even close, his threes were a very efficient 1.189PPP. He will have the ball in his hands less in the NBA than he did in college, and most of his shots will come off spot ups. In the NBA or even in college it is rare that wings take spot up mid range jumpers, so it is likely Schofield will take more threes and less mid range jumpers in the league.

Admiral was at his best in transition last year, and was in the 98th percentile. He plays extremely hard at all times so he sprints the floor as hard as he can every time, and beats the defense down the floor for easy transition dunks or layups. He’s also very confident taking shots early in the shot clock, and he drills a lot of threes in transition. This shooting ability and confidence forces defenders to rush at him, and he is good at reading this and blowing by them for easy finishes at the rim. Although not known as a great shot creator Admiral was in the 90th percentile in isolations including passes this year. He’s not as good of an iso player as this number suggests, but there will be certain matchups in the NBA he is capable of creating a shot against. He has a very good triple threat game, and often gets defenders very off balance with this. Most of his isos will be in the mid post, and he is extremely strong so if teams that switch a lot want to switch smaller guards on him, he will bully them down there. When he gets all the way to the rim he is a decent, but not great finisher. He was in the 68th percentile as a finisher last year. He never finishes with his left hand, but he is still a solid finisher because of how strong, athletic, and aggressive he is.

Admiral will be a very good and versatile defender in the NBA. He can guard 1-4, and even some 5’s despite how short he is. He is a top 5 strongest player in this draft class, and he uses that strength to his advantage on the defensive end. He’s also quick enough to stay in front of most 1’s. His ability to guard multiple positions is important if he gets drafted to a team that likes to switch a lot. He’s not an elite off ball defender that is a rim protector or gets a lot of steals, but he is solid and normally in the right position. His effort and intensity is always great, which is obviously important.

Admiral is a sleeper in the draft, a lot of people don’t like him because his age, but his toughness and production is a lot to pass up. My favorite part about him is his attitude. If he’s not happy with his minutes instead of crying and complaining about it he will work his hardest to earn a role he feels he deserves. At worst he will be a 3 and D role player off the bench. It is likely he plays a PJ Tucker role in the NBA, and that’s the level of player I think he will be. He is very strong and tough like PJ, and while they are limited shot creators they both make their open shots that others create for them. If anything Admiral is a little better shooter, while PJ is a little better defender. If Admiral becomes a great instead of a good shooter, and an elite instead of great defender He will be an above average starter. Don’t be surprised if Admiral surprises people in the NBA because his great work ethic.