Height: 7’3” Weight: 208 Wingspan 7’7” Age: 19 College: Oregon Hometown: Olathe, Kansas

Bol Bol has one of the highest ceilings in the draft, but also a very high floor. There are a lot of questions marks about his health, toughness, and work ethic. He can help a team with finishing, floor spacing, and rim protection. He can hurt a team with Pick and Roll defense, turnovers, and motor. He had a horrible .5 A/to ratio this year, and in High School he had over double the amount of turnovers compared to assists. When I watch him I question whether he loves basketball based on his really inconsistent motor. In High School he was known to skip practices, and even some games which is a huge red flag. He also had a navicular bone injury, which is scary for a player his size, and a red flag that he could be injury prone. Despite all these flaws he was still very productive in the 9 games he played this year for Oregon. His skill set is ridiculous at his size, and that’s what makes him have elite potential. He averaged 28.2 points per 40, and 3.6 blocks per 40 this past season.

Bol can help a team best with his finishing ability, and ability to stretch the floor as a big. He could be used in the dunker spot a lot and was in the 86th percentile as a finisher. I hope he accepts the role of being a big that screens and stays on the dunker spot because he could be so valuable in that role. He has ridiculous length on his finishes and tries to dunk everything. He only uses his right hand, but in most situations it won’t matter much because he can just go over everyone. As a big he could also be used in spot up situations. Him being used in spot up situations doesn’t only help his team because he’s good at it, but it also brings the other teams big man out of the lane. It’s hard to guard Bol with a smaller player because despite his poor strength he can finish right over them in the post. He was in the 94th percentile in spot ups last year, I don’t think he will continue this high, but he will be a solid spot up player. He was 7/13 from three in spot up situations, I think he’ll be closer to a 35% three point shooter, but that is still great for his length. He isn’t as good of a shooter as his 52% clip from three point suggest because he was on low volume. He made 1.9 threes per 40 minutes which is solid, but nothing special. He can also attack closeouts off the dribble when he’s spotting up. His moves are very slow, but he actually has solid crossover moves, and knows how to change speeds, which makes it hard for bigs to closeout on him. This could make him a matchup nightmare versus teams that don’t have bigs that defend the three point line well.

The area Bol has the most potential in offensively is a Pick and Roll man, but he hasn’t proven it yet. I question whether he’ll accept his role as a Pick and Roll man. He sets very lazy screens, and never sprints into them. It was low volume but he was in the 23rd percentile last year as the Pick and Roll man. He pops 67% of the time, which although he can shoot is unfortunate because of how valuable he can be as a roll man. He has a 7’7” wingspan, and because of this could be a ridiculous roll threat. If he accepts this roll he will have so much gravity, and will open up many three point shooters. The other area he needs to improve offensively is playing through contact. He has very high hips, and gets pushed off his spot easily. He has a very frail 208 pounds, and needs to put in a ton of work in the weightroom.

Bol adds some value as a defender because of his shot blocking ability. Obviously his length helps him here, and he had 3.6 blocks per 40 minutes last year. He’s a solid difference maker right now, but if he improves his effort he can be an elite difference maker as a rim protector. He needs to work on his Pick and Roll defense. He’s very upright and lazy in this. Has some potential in drop coverage, but I can still see ball handlers going right by him, or getting him to back up so much that they have a wide open mid range jumper. He also won’t be able to switch or defend the pick and pop. Another area I worry about defensively is defending bigs 1 on 1. Post play is mostly dead in the NBA, but still a few guys post up. And because of Bol’s slight frame he could get bullied in these situations. He can block some shots in the post, but he may get pushed back very far because of his lack of core and lower body strength.

Bol Bol is one of the most confusing prospects to evaluate because of his high ceiling and low floor. If he doesn’t improve his effort, and strength, despite his scoring and shot blocking ability no one will trust him on the floor. It’s likely he improves those things a little and is a big that is used in certain situations off the bench to space the floor and block shots. If he accepts his role as a Pick and Roll man, and tries to play the Rudy Gobert/Clint Capela role he can be all star big. He has almost Gobert level shot blocking potential, and can shoot threes and dribble (unlike Gobert). If he plays as a Pick and Roll man he will also turn the ball over way less. However his effort will have to change majorly to reach his potential, guys like Gobert and Capela play very hard, while Bol has a weak motor at this point. Staying healthy, and improving his strength and motor will be the key to his career.