Height: 6’8” Weight: 208 Wingspan: 7’1” Age: 19 College: Duke Hometown: Norristown, PA

Cam Reddish has as much upside as almost anyone in the draft, but he also has a really low floor. He is the smoothest player in the draft and if you watch him 1 on 0 he looks like the #1 pick. He has all the talent in the world but just hasn’t been productive so far in his career. At first glance he appears like an NBA all star but he just doesn’t play aggressive at all, and shys away from contact. He can help a team with shot creation and floor spacing, and can hurt a team with a lack of consistency, and lack of effort on defense. He showed star flashes this year, specifically in the Louisville game, but it didn’t happen often. He had an awkward role next to two alpha dogs (Zion and RJ), but even when Zion was hurt Reddish’s numbers weren’t any better than they were with Zion playing. His best role will be as a shot creator. Having the ball more keeps him engaged, and that’s how he can take advantage of his super tight handles and elite physical tools.

The primary way cam attacks is with his jump shot. 78% of his shots total last year were jumpers, and he had average to below average efficiency on these. He actually shot better off the dribble then off the catch which is very rare. Even though his efficiency wasn’t great I still think he’s a solid shooter because the higher your volume is, the harder it is to stay efficient. He had the 4th most threes per minute of any player in the draft. Although he is a solid shooter, he needs to attack the basket way more, and take advantage of his physical tools, and handle. He did a poor job of finishing this year because of his lack of aggression. He actually uses both hands well around the rim, but he doesn’t play well with contact, and shys away from it to rely on length and touch to finish. I would like to see him be a lot more aggressive trying to dunk on people. If I coached him I would encourage him to try to dunk everything.

Cam has a lot of defensive potential but hasn’t lived up to it yet. He has incredible length that helps him get det deflections, and make up ground when he gets beat. He also has great quickness and when he’s locked in (which isn’t often) he can stay in front of the ball well. His effort and physicality needs to improve a lot on this end. He doesn’t like getting physical which will cause him to get bullied by strong NBA players. He also needs to show more effort trying to stay in front of the ball, with his length and athleticism he should be great at this. However, sometimes it looks like he doesn’t care that much if he gets beaten off the bounce, and doesn’t show much fight to recover. In addition to on the ball, he also gets lost off the ball a lot, and doesn’t make much effort to recover. Despite these flaws, if he makes the simple switch of playing harder and more physical he definitely can become a solid defender because his physical tools. At this point he can guard 1-3, he definitely has the quickness to stay in front of 1’s, but will never be a good defender until his effort increases.

Cam spent a lot of time in spot up this year where he was in the 33rd percentile in efficiency. He is definitely better with the ball than in spot up situations. He shoots a no dribble jumper 61% of the time in spot ups, and has pretty average efficiency with them. I believe he is a better shooter than he shot this year, but still not an elite shooter. He was inefficient attacking closeouts. Even though he was hard to stay in front of here he did a poor job of finishing at the rim once he did attack them. He’s good at reading when to attack closeouts versus shoot it, but because his poor finishing, he won’t be efficient with this until he improves his finishing. Another area where Cam needed the ball more was in transition. He had below average efficiency numbers because he mostly just ran on the wing, which is not his most efficient spot. He was efficient as the ball handler, and great as the trailer either shooting threes, or getting downhill to the rim. On off ball screens this year Cam was in the 28th percentile. I would expect him to be a better shooter off screens because of how smooth his mechanics are, but he will have to work in this area.

Cam is best with the ball in his hands, and if a team wants him to reach his very high ceiling they need to play him in a role where he is one of the main ball handlers and shot creators. This year although it was low volume he was in the 76th percentile in pick and rolls including passes, but he should have been higher because Duke had awful spacing, and many times he passed to his team for wide open jumpers that were misses. Cam loses efficiency points there although it is not his fault at all. Not including passes Cam was in the 96th percentile. He plays at his own pace, and gets shoulder to shoulder every time. Although he was in the 96th percentile I think that exaggerates a little bit how good he will be in the pick and roll. His efficiency on dribble jumpers off ball screens was 1.684PPP which is just unrealistic to keep up. To put that into perspective Stephen Curry’s efficiency was 1.156PPP on dribble jumpers off of screen. Cam is definitely a good shooter off the dribble, but that number is just impossible to keep up when his volume increases. Cam is also a good isolation player. He was in the 61st percentile in isolations including passes on low volume, but this is better than the number because he was working with no spacing in Dukes offense. He is willing to pull jumpers quickly and often in iso situations, so you need to stay up and keep a hand up on him even though he’s just a decent shooter at this point. He has very tight handles, and is very shifty. He has an incredibly smooth hesitation, and changes speeds very well to get to his spot. He drives left almost every time and loves to use hang dribbles to sell his jumper, and then beat his defender. He has a very good spin move back to his right when his left gets cut off. Although he’s good at shot creation he had way too many turnovers in isolation. He had way too many turnovers in general and ended the year with a .7 a/to ratio. This isn’t because he has awful vision, this is more due to the fact to how bad he is at dealing with contact. When bumped he loses his balance often. He needs to work a lot on getting tougher and playing through contact.

Cam is one of the hardest prospects to evaluate in the draft because he has a high ceiling and low floor. If he improves his effort, toughness, and aggression a ton, while improving his shot consistency and finishing he could be an all star. At first glance he looks like an all star. However, if he doesn’t improve these things he could struggle to even get minutes on any team. It’s likely that he improves them a little and becomes a high volume inefficient scorer, that is a shot creator off the bench, or a low level starter that shows star flashes. He really could go any way with his career, but I would bet on low level starter, or shot creator off the bench.