Height: 6’9” Weight: 205 Wingspan 6’10” Age: 23 College: North Carolina Hometown: Moon Township, Pennsylvania

Cameron Johnson is the best shooter in the draft. He can help a team with floor spacing, IQ, and a team first attitude. He can hurt a team with physicality defensively. His role will be to shoot, and if he gets more physical could develop into a 3 and D role. He was very productive for a very good North Carolina team last year scoring 22.6 points per 40 minutes while shooting 46% from three. He is a solid decision maker and had a 1.6 A/to ratio.

Johnson will play off the ball his entire career because his elite shooting ability. Last season he was in the 97th percentile as a spot up player. He shoots the no dribble jumper 77% of the time at a ridiculously efficient 1.367PPP. He’s pretty average attacking closeouts, but he has such a quick release that he can get his shot off anytime. Because of how efficient his jumper is many teams will refuse to help off him, which opens up driving lanes for teammates. Him being this good of a shooter makes everyone around him better. When he’s ran off the line he has a solid mid range game, and his efficiency in the mid range was 1.0PPP. That is very efficient for a mid range shooter. Even though I’m not a fan of mid range shots, and they are typically proven to be inefficient, it’s still good to have as an option. If you can make some mid range jumpers, it opens up your much more efficient threes and layups.

Johnson was solid in transition last year and was in the 83rd percentile. He’s a constant threat from three in transition, and when his team pushes the ball he can get wide open threes, which is like a layup for him. He was also solid as the ball handler in transition which surprised me because he doesn’t dribble much in the halfcourt. He looked very confident and aggressive with the ball in his hands getting all the way to the rim. When he gets to the rim he’s an average finisher and was in the 57th percentile. He has good touch with his right hand, but he doesn’t deal with contact well.

Johnson is skinny and not very physical, but still a solid defender because the effort he puts in. He also moves his feet very well for his size. He can guard 1-3, and the 4’s that aren’t too physical. He’s a good defender whenever he’s not guarding a physical driver so the team he’s on should put him on someone that isn’t physical. He bothered many small guards with his length last year contesting shots, and contesting finishes at the rim. He also has solid positioning off the ball, and seems very coachable so he will probably listen to whatever scheme the coach has set up for him. He is always locked in on the defensive end, and if he gets more physical could be a very solid defender.

Cameron Johnson is a great prospect because he has a high floor and a high ceiling despite his old age. At worst he’ll be a shooter off the bench which is still a valuable role. I expect him to be a starter that provides great floor spacing for the playmakers on his team, plays solid defense, and plays within himself. If he improves his strength and physicality, while becoming a more creative ball handler in the half court, he will be an above average starter that is scoring in the 20’s and playing solid defense. Johnson is a safe and reliable pick, with some upside to go with that. He has been consistent his whole college career.