Height: 6’5” Weight: 191 Wingspan 6’5” Age: 19 College: North Carolina Hometown: Goldsboro, North Carolina

Coby White is a very solid scoring guard, that is improving as a facilitator. Last season he averaged 22.5 points per 40 and 5.7 assists per 40 for a loaded North Carolina team. He can help a team by getting in the lane and drawing help, and floor spacing. He can play on or off the ball. He can hurt a team with turnovers, and defensive intensity. His best role will be a secondary or primary ball handler, that has some opportunities to knock down shots in spot up situations. He’s very confident and is always pushing the tempo. He typically plays with great effort also. Right now he’s more of a scoring guard, and his decision making needs work. His 1.5 a/to ratio needs work if he wants to be a good point guard in the NBA. He sometimes gets sped up by guys that pressure the ball well.

Coby shot the ball very efficiently this year. He does take some stepback threes too early in the shot clock, but overall he has good shot selection, and takes a lot more threes than long twos. He was in the 93rd percentile in catch and shoot situations this year and only 27th percentile off the dribble. Improving his off the dribble shooting should be a huge focus for him because he is very good at creating space for his jumper. Even though he’s a good creator with the ball, I definitely like him spotting up a decent amount in the NBA. Last year he was in the 95th percentile in spot ups. Not only is he great at hitting his spot up jumpers, he’s also very good at attacking the rim in spot up situations. He had 1.312PPP when attacking the rim in spot up situations, which is very efficient. He’s a very good finisher in general (especially for a guard that isn’t a great leaper). He’s great at sealing off defenders on his drives and getting in front of them for an easy finish. He needs to work on finishing with his left, and could struggle some vs NBA length, but so do most guards.

Coby is incredibly aggressive pushing the ball in transition after makes or misses. He was very efficient in this area, and put a ton of pressure on the defense. If he can find a way to cut down his turnovers he will be even more efficient. It’s good that he has a tendency to push the ball after makes or misses, because playing in transition is one of the most efficient ways to score. Coby is a solid creator with the ball in his hand, and I can imagine he will come off many pick and rolls in the NBA. He was in the 75th percentile on pick and rolls including passes last year. He’s great at splitting defenders in the pick and roll because of how elusive he is and how tight his handles are. He’s also very good at reading when the defender jumps the screen early so he can reject it, he exposed a lot of defenders doing that this year. One area I think he could improve on is going shoulder to shoulder so the defender has less room to get through the screen. Overall, he’s a very good pick and roll player because of his handles and aggression, and his efficiency would be much better if he was able to make pull up jumpers more consistently, that’s what brought down his efficiency. He was only in the 38th percentile in isolations including passes this year, but he is still great at creating space in isolation situations. The problem here was him missing too many shots off the dribble. If he improves this he can be a very good iso player. He has great footwork on stepbacks, and also changes speed great on hesitations, and does a great job of reading the defender and using angles. Down the road I see him being a great secondary option to create shots.

Offensively I’m very confident Coby Whites game will transfer, defensively is where I worry about him a little more. He can only guard one position because of his lack of length and weight. He also is not always in a stance on or off the ball. I would like to see him be more intense and be a little more physical when guarding the ball. He often picked up his guy too late, and would backpedal too much when they drove at him. Because his quickness I think he does have potential to be a serviceable defender if he puts a little more focus on that end, and improves his defensive IQ.

Coby White should be a solid NBA player, but like everyone he has areas to improve on. If he improves his decision making and shooting off the dribble he could be a very good second option as a shot creator for a good team. He is going to need to work harder on defense if he wants to be a solid starter, but he seems to have high character and a will to win so I bet he will. I can see him being an average starting guard for most of his career if he improves his defense, and if he improves the stuff he needs to offense i’m not sure if he’ll get to all star level but should be a very reliable scorer and shot creator.