Height: 6’7 Weight: 254 Wingspan: 7’0” Age: 22 College: Villanova Hometown: Sleepy Hollow, NY

Eric Paschall is one of the most explosive athletes in the draft. He can help a team with his defense and versatility. He can hurt a team with his average decision making. His role will likely be a 3 and D guy. He is a great defender, and a solid shooter at 35% from three. I expected to him score a little bit more this year, but it still wasn’t bad at 18.3 points per 40 minutes. I would like to see him become a better playmaker, he had an even 1.0 A/to ratio this year.

Paschall will spend most of his time in the NBA off the ball. He was in the 69th percentile in spot up. He’s an a little above average shooter at this point, and he shoots with confidence. He was in the 57th percentile from three. He catches ready to shoot every time, and this makes sense because Jay Wright preaches “you’re most open when you first catch the ball”, and he is completely right. Teams don’t go close that hard on Paschall but when they do he is very good at attacking closeouts, and getting to the rim where he can finish. He’s a great finisher and was in the 94th percentile last year. He is very aggressive trying to dunk everything, and he is great at dealing with contact because of his strength. In addition to his great hops he also has great length. He doesn’t ever use his left hand and relies on his athleticism more than skill to finish, but he’s so big and athletic that he’s still one of the best finishers in the draft.

Paschall is definitely better suited to play in spot ups in the NBA, but he did a decent job with the ball in his hands this year. He was in the 69th percentile in Pick and Rolls including passes. He typically gets shoulder to shoulder, and changes speeds well on his lefty hesitation. He has average vision at best and needs to work on his handle. He was in the 61st percentile in isolations including passes, despite having almost no live ball dribble moves. He did make solid jab moves, and has a very explosive first step. He also shoots the jumper without dribbling 40% of the time in isolations including passes, even though he’s an average shooter this forces the defender to get up on him. When he does drive his first step is faster when he goes left and I think he knows this because he drives left 72% of the time. Paschall won’t have the ball in his hands a lot early in his career, but has some potential in it if he improves his ball handling.

Paschall is a pretty average offensive player, but is fantastic on defense. He can guard 1-5, because of his strength, length, and quickness. This is important in the modern switchy NBA. He plays with great effort at all times. He is no doubt one of the best defenders in the draft because of how many types of players he can guard. I also like that he played in Villanova’s system that switched a lot, so he will be used to that if he goes to an NBA team that switches everything. Playing at Nova also will help him offensively because the style they play is typical for the NBA.

Eric Paschall has an average floor, and a pretty high ceiling because of his athleticism. His floor is a defensive role player that plays a little bit off the bench. I expect him to be a 3 and D guy that is a good role player off the bench, or a low end starter. If he improves his shooting and ball handling while maintaining his athleticism and intensity, he has a chance to be an average-above average starter.