Height: 6’6” Weight: 213 Wingspan: 6’9” Age: 19 College: USC Hometown: Seattle, WA

Kevin Porter is one of the best shot creators in the draft. He has very tight handles, and good change of speeds, and is great at using his body to create space. Although he’s a great shot creator he can hurt his team with turnovers, and decision making. He averaged 17.2 points per 40 minutes last year, and had a .8 A/to ratio. I would have expected both these to be better given his elite shot creating skills.

Kevin Porters go to is shooting off the dribble. He was in the 81st percentile off jump shots off the dribble, but was in the 49th percentile off the catch. He has a low release but has many moves to get to his spot and create space. Although he is great at creating space he is very inefficient with his shot selection, and settles for tough off the dribble jumpers. He’s a solid finisher but he only attempted 27 shots at the rim all year. Although he is a good shooter off the dribble it is one of the most inefficient shots in basketball. He was in the 10th percentile in isolations including passes, which was partly because his teammates missed open shots, but he was still in just the 29th percentile. He was very inefficient because he just consistently takes stepbacks, and if he doesn’t learn to do anything else, he will never be an effective shot creator in the NBA despite how good he is at creating space. It just isn’t an efficient way to play basketball. James Harden who also takes a lot of stepbacks is much more skilled than Porter, and also drives, and gets to the free throw line a lot so that is how he remains very efficient. Porter also wasn’t efficient in the Pick and Roll last year. He was in the 14th percentile in Pick and Rolls including passes which is also partly due to his teammates missing shots. However, he was just in the 38th percentile not including passes as the Pick and Roll ball handler. He was inefficient here for the exact same reason as he was in isolation. Despite these poor numbers I still believe he has a chance to be a good shot creator, he just needs someone to work with him on his decision making. He still can get to his spots basically whenever he wants.

Kevin Porter is at his best in transition This is where he takes advantage of his handles, athleticism, and strength. He was in the 89th percentile last year in transition, and this is the one place he is aggressive getting downhill and finishing at the rim. He can be the ball handler or run the wing in transition. Porter is pretty stagnant when he doesn’t have the ball in the halfcourt. He needs to move more because many NBA systems are predicated and ball and player movement. He’s still an average spot up player and was in the 55th percentile in spot up last year. He has pretty average efficiency on catch and shoot no dribble jumpers, but he was better attacking closeouts. While attacking closeouts it’s harder for his defenders to stay close to him on his separation moves so he gets very easy pull up jumpers and makes them at a high clip. He needs to work on his spot up shooting or else nobody will close out hard on him, and it will be hard for him to attack closeouts.

Kevin Porter was inconsistent on defense this year but definitely shows some potential. He does a great job hustling for rebounds (which he actually does on offense also). His energy is very good on the ball, but needs work off the ball. He sometimes looks uninterested when not guarding the ball. It was hard to tell exactly how good he is defending the ball, but he definitely has potential because of his athleticism. If he becomes engaged off the ball he’ll be a solid defender in the NBA.

Porter has a pretty high ceiling, but has a low floor. If he doesn’t improve his deciso\ion making, i’m not sure how he’ll get much of a role in the NBA unless he becomes a great defender. It’s like he’s a role player that is an efficient scorer that plays spot minutes. If he improves his decision making a lot and always plays hard, and becomes a little better shooter, he could be a very effective starter as a good shot creator.