Height: 6’4” Weight: 222 Wingspan: 6’9” Age: 20 College: Arizona State Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Luguentz Dort is one of the most explosive athletes in the draft, and is a great competitor. He can help a team with his on ball defense, and toughness. He can hurt a team with his floor spacing. His role will be a defensive stopper, and could be an enforcer like Marcus Smart or Patrick Beverley. He was pretty productive last year averaging 20.4 points per 40 minutes. He needs to improve his decision making and shooting, last year he shot 31% from three, and had a .8 A/to ratio.

Dort will have a pretty big of mix of playing on and off the ball. If he wants to have the ball in his hands more, he’ll need to become a better playmaker. He was solid in the Pick and Roll this year and was in the 68th percentile in Pick and Rolls including passes. He’s very good at rejecting screens. He draws a lot of help because how confident and aggressive he is on his drives, and he is a good passer in Pick and Roll situations. Two things he could work on is adding a mid range game, and changing speeds. Mid range shots are the least efficient shots in basketball, but every player should still have it in their arsenal, or else the defense will just force them into that area of the floor. If Dort doesn’t develop a mid range jumper a lot of teams that play drop coverage on the Pick and Roll in the NBA will expose him. He also needs to work on changing speeds, if you don’t change speeds you become predictable and rarely get the defense off balance. Despite this he is still a good Pick and Roll player and was in the 68th percentile despite the poor spacing he was working with at Arizona State. He was in the 12th percentile on isolations including passes. This is because he doesn’t change speeds, so he is predictable, and because the lack of floor spacing. He will be better with NBA spacing, but still not a good iso player until he learns how to change speeds. Also, when he does get to the rim, he’s not a good finisher. He was in the 22nd percentile as a finisher, and this is because he goes way too fast. He needs to slow down, and he sometimes looks out of control on his finishes.

Dort is not effective off the ball yet, and was in the 27th percentile in spot up situations. This is because he is not a good off the catch shooter yet. He actually was a very efficient off the dribble shooter this year at 1PPP, but only .843PPP off the catch. He’s going to need to work on that or else it will be hard to play him, unless he plays with 4 shooters. As an off ball player he is a good cutter, and found ways to get easy buckets off the cut last year. This should continue in the NBA. One other way he scored a lot in college was in transition. He’s an average decision maker with the ball, and solid running the wing. He sprints the floor as hard as he can every time, and gets some easy dunks because of this.

Defensively is where Dort has the best chance to make a good impact right away in the NBA. He’s very strong and athletic and plays with great effort on the ball. He’s an extremely intense defender. He can guard 1-4, which is important in the modern switchy NBA. He’s a great on ball defender, but he needs to work on his off ball defense. He gambles too much, and doesn’t always look locked in. He needs to just be more solid with his positioning instead of focus on making the big play. If he does this he can become a lockdown defender.

Dort has a low floor and an average ceiling. If he doesn’t improve his off the catch shooting, changing speeds, or off ball defense it will be hard for him to maintain a roster spot. If he improves some of those things he’ll make a roster because his on ball defense and intensity, but probably won’t play too much. If he improves all of them and reaches his potential he will become a lockdown defender off the bench, or be a low end starter. I predict he will have a roster spot because his competitiveness and intensity.