Height: 6’10” Weight: 256 Wingspan: 7’3” Age: 21 College: Florida State Hometown: Burlington, Ontario

Mfindou Kabengele isn’t always the most consistent player, but he has a lot of upside. He can help a team with scoring, shot blocking, and floor spacing. He can hurt a team with shot selection, turnovers, defensive discipline. He scored 24.5 points and had 2.8 blocks per 40 minutes. He was pretty efficient scoring wise shooting 50% from the field, and 37% from three. He needs to work on his decision making and court vision. He’s a black hole when he gets the ball, and had a .2 A/to ratio, I’m assuming this is part of the reason he only was trusted to play 21 minutes a game. He only had 11 assists the entire season. He would be best in the role of shot blocker and rim running big, that hits the open three. He tries to dribble too much right now, and it’s not his game. He needs to get a better feel for this, but I like that he does play with good effort, and improved a lot from his freshman year.

The two main ways Kabengele should score in the NBA are offensive rebounds and cuts. He is an elite and relentless offensive rebounder, and he had 86 points off of offensive rebounds last year. He’s hard to box out because his strength and relentless effort. I’d like to see him spend a lot of time in the dunkers spot in the league. He doesn’t have a good feel for the game overall, but he does know where to cut to get easy dunks and layups. When he does get to the right spot he’s a good finisher, and was in the 90th percentile last year. He only uses his right hand, but he’s a good finisher because of how strong and athletic he is. He posted a lot in college, but no scheme is going to throw him the ball inside in the NBA. He will be able to attacks switches in the post, but if a team wants to trust him he needs to learn how to kick out of the post. He is a black hole on the block, and he’s much better suited setting screens and finishing lobs. If he accepts this role he could be very effective, if he doesn’t he could be out of the league.

Kabengele has a chance to be a great roll man in the NBA. He was in the 85th percentile as the Pick and Roll man last year. He has very long arms so he has good gravity as a lob threat. I also like that he can roll or pop. He was very efficient at both last year, and he should set a ton of ball screens in the NBA. Kabengele has potential as a spot up player also. He’s a solid shooter, and I think he should more threes. He shot 37% from three on low volume, and if he increased his volume I don’t think it will decrease much. In spot up no dribble jumpers he was in the 77th percentile, but attacking closeouts was what killed his efficiency. He doesn’t have a good feel off the dribble, and tries to dribble traffic too much instead of passing the ball out. He needs to work on his feel off the dribble, and stick to being a play finisher instead of a play creator until he gets much better at this.

Kabengele has upside as a defender, but his discipline and feel isn’t there yet. Despite that the effort is there, so i think he will become a better defender. He has the athletic ability and body to guard 1-5, but he takes too many risks right now. He had 2.8 blocks per 40 minutes, he is a difference maker protecting the rim. He needs to work on his feel of when to help versus when not too, I hope this comes from more experience playing, but it will be interesting to see if it ever happens. He needs to live in the film room to max out his potential. He also had 4.8 fouls per 40 minutes, which isn’t good, but he has shown improvement from 5.8 fouls per 40 minutes as a Freshman.

Kabengele is a low floor, high ceiling prospect. The key to his career is accepting the role as a play finisher instead of a play creator. His floor, if he doesn’t accept his role is being a benchwarmer or out of the league, because coaches just won’t trust him. He doesn’t seem like he has a huge ego or anything so I expect he will accept his role to some extent, and be a play finisher and shot blocker off the bench. If he improves his feel a lot on both ends of the floor he will be a solid starting center.