Height: 6’6” Weight: 224 Wingspan: 7’1” Age: 19 College: North Carolina Hometown: Orange Park, Fla

Nassir Little is a strong, athletic, and tough prospect with a lot of upside. He can help a team with his defensive versatility and toughness. He can hurt a team with his decision making and floor spacing. He was only trusted to play 18 minutes a game for North Carolina this year, and I think part of the reason was because his poor decision making. He had a .5 A/to ratio which is very concerning. He plays very hard and tough, and has a knack for scoring garbage buckets. He still averaged 21.5 points per 40 this year. His best role in the NBA as of now is a powerful combo forward, and if he can improve his 3 point shooting he could develop into a solid 3 and D guy.

If Nassir Little is going to make a living in the NBA it is going to be through his defense and toughness. He’s a very good on the ball defender, that is always in a stance and intense on the ball. He can guard 1-4, and definitely some 5’s as well. He would be great in a switching scheme because of his versatility. He is no doubt one of the best on ball defenders in the draft. He could work on always being a stance while off the ball, but he plays hard so I think with more experience he will adjust this. His defense is what will give him a chance to play good minutes in the NBA at the beginning.

Nassir scored a lot per minute last year at UNC, and his main ways of scoring are in transition, cutting, and offensive rebounds. He has a knack for being in the right spot and getting garbage buckets. He would fit well with 4 skilled players that can shoot. Because of his subpar decision making Little will not be trusted with the ball in his hands early in his career. If he wants any value in half court offense he needs to improve his shooting. He had poor efficiency as a shooter this year from three and mid range, and was in the 22nd percentile overall in spot up situations. He also needs to work on his feel for when to shoot versus when to drive. He sometimes passes up wide open spot up 3s to drive into traffic. Despite, not shooting well this year I think he has some potential as a shooter. He has solid form, and shot 38% from three in High School. If he can get back to this level he could become a solid 3 and D player. He should be working on his jump shot every day this summer, because his body is beyond NBA ready, and if he can make shots, and know his role (not try to dribble too much) then he can be trusted to get minutes right away.

Little scored most of his points around the rim last year, and I would say he is a pretty average finisher overall. He relies on athleticism and strength to finish, he doesn’t really have any creativity or left hand. This will hurt him versus NBA length, and in college he was in the 58th percentile overall as a finisher. Even though he has no creativity he’s still an average finisher because of how aggressive he is. He loves contact, and tries to dunk everything.

Nassir has a chance to be a 3 and D prospect, but he needs to improve his jump shot consistency. If he doesn’t improve his jumper at all it will be hard to play him, just because he doesn’t bring much offensive value at all, especially with his lack of vision. If he improves his jumper a little he could be a defensive role player off the bench. If he improves his jumper a lot, and knows his role, which will be sticking to being a 3 and D guy instead of a shot creator then he will have a lot of success in the NBA and likely be a solid starter. He will need to put a lot of time in the gym and film room for this to happen, but he’s known to be a hard worker, so it is definitely possible.