Height: 6’6” Weight: 215 Wingspan: 6’11” Age: 19 College: Indiana Hometown: New Albany, Indiana

Romeo Langford is a naturally born scorer with great instincts for getting buckets. He can help a team with his pick and roll play and defensive versatility. He can hurt a team with floor spacing, and sometimes having a poor motor. He isn’t a great defender yet because his effort isn’t always there, but because his length he could be. His best role is as a secondary ball handler. He is one of the most talented prospects in the draft, but his casual approach holds him back from dominating at all times. Although he has a casual approach he still plays with great confidence, and wants the ball at the end of games. He took over at the end in multiple games this year. He’s a solid creator overall, but if he wants NBA teams to trust him with the ball in his hands he needs to cut down his turnovers. He had a 1.1 A/to ratio last season, and if he wants to be one of the main shot creators on a team that needs improved.

Romeo is a great shot creator, but he needs to improve his shooting off the catch. He was in the 21st percentile off the catch at a poor .786PPP. He shot the ball solid off the dribble, and was in the 65th percentile, but since off the dribble jumpers are an inefficient shot overall, that only equates to .864PPP, which is a win for the defense. I think he has potential to become a shooter, but could adjust his mechanics a little. He was in the 42nd percentile overall last year in spot up, and that is only because of how good he was attacking closeouts. If I coached against him I would close short and prevent the drive, forcing him to take spot up jumpers which he is not efficient with. He needs to work on his shot to become a more complete player, at this point he is a way better going to the rim. He will need to be better off the ball, because although he is a good shot creator, he’s not good enough to always have the ball in his hands on an NBA team so he will likely spend plenty of time off the ball, at least at the beginning of his career. He was in the 87th percentile as a finisher last year. He only uses his right, but is very good at getting to his spot, and has great extension on his finish because of his length. Getting to the rim and scoring is easily the best trait of his game right now.

Romeo is definitely best with the ball in his hands, playing as a shot creator. Last year he was in the 80th percentile in Pick and Roll including passes, and this was the primary way he created offense. It should be the primary way he creates in the league also. He never gets sped up, and goes shoulder to shoulder every time. Because of how good of a finisher he is very hard to stop when he gets downhill, and he found ways to get to the rim no matter what Pick and Roll coverage the defense picked. He is also a solid isolation player. He was in the 58th percentile in Isolations including passes, but he’s a better iso player than that. His teammates lack of shooting hurt the spacing he was working with, which hurt his efficiency. His handles are solid, but not anything elite. His strength is how crafty and instinctual his iso game is. He changes speeds very well, and uses his off arm to hold off defenders. He also uses angles very well. Last year he drove left 60% of the time, although he was more efficient going right. This is because he is a way better finisher with his right hand than left.  I’d like to see him either become a better finisher with his left, or make more moves going to his right to improve his iso game. Although he is solid with the ball in his hands, Romeo sometimes over dribbles, and is a bit of a ball stopper. This could hurt an NBA team because most systems in the NBA love moving the ball really fast. Maybe Romeo will move the ball faster when he’s playing with playing with his players as good or better than him.

Defensively Romeo has a lot of potential but hasn’t been that productive yet. He has great length and strength which are key factors in isolation defense. He gets locked in once his man has the ball, but off ball defense is very important to winning, and it is rare to find Romeo in a stance off the ball. He will greatly need to improve his effort and motor if he wants to reach his high defensive potential. He can guard 1- small ball 4 which is important in the modern switchy NBA, but it will be hard to consider him a good defender until his effort off the ball increases.

Romeo has a high ceiling, and average floor. He’s already a solid shot creator, so if he improves his shot making ability he can be a starter on the wing. If he improves his shot, and defensive intensity, and overall effort he could be a very solid starter. If he doesn’t improve those things he will be a hard to guy to trust for a lot of minutes, because he is a good shot creator, not an elite shot creator. He should still be a second unit player if he doesn’t improve those things, but if he can’t be trusted to make shots, and be trusted with his effort on defense it will be hard for him to become a starter. That being said he definitely has a high ceiling, and if he tightens up those things could be an effective NBA player.