Height: 6’6” Weight: 194 Wingspan 6’4” Age: 21 College: Virginia Hometown: New York, NY

Ty Jerome is the smartest player in the draft. He is also an elite competitor. He wasn’t the best player on Virginia’s national championship this year, but he was the leader and most important player. He can help a team with Iq, toughness, floor spacing, and leadership. He can hurt a team with his ability to guard quick guards. He had 16.0 points, and 6.4 assists per 40 minutes, playing in a slow-paced (but very efficient) offense, so he had less possessions than most players. He had a very good 3.2 A/to ratio, and is very trustworthy with the ball. Ty may not pass the eye test athletically, but he simply gets the job done.

Ty has incredible vision, and although not great at beating people off the dribble, he will have the ball in his hands a lot in the NBA. He was in the 82nd percentile in Pick and Rolls including passes, and this is because his elite vision. He often makes very advanced reads, hitting the weak side corner for wide open threes. He has great change of speeds, and patience, and is also very good at rejecting screens. He gets to his pull up jumper a lot, and shoots it a decently high clip, he was in the 78th percentile in shooting off the dribble. The one area he needs to work on is creating without a screen, he was in the 47th percentile in isolations including passes. He’s crafty and uses his off arm and body well to hold off defenders, but his lack of burst hurts him here. He has average shiftiness, I don’t see him ever developing good quickness so he’ll need to work on this while continuing to be crafty, and a good shot maker. He’s a great passer out of his drives, and makes very elite reads. When he has the ball you can’t over help because he will find the open man every time. He sometimes gets all the way to the rim on his drives, but he needs to work on his finishing. He’s in the 37th percentile overall as a finisher. He has decent touch, but his lack of length and bounce hurts him. I would like to see him become a craftier finisher adding an off foot layup. Steve Nash was great at this, and it makes the defense mistime their jump. Ty has a good runner which is important versus length, but a runner is a tough shot. Even with him being good at it that only equates to .887PPP, which is a win for the defense.

The most underrated part of Tys game is his ability to play off the ball as well. He was in the 97th percentile as a shooter off the catch, and the 99th percentile in spot ups overall. He shot 39% from three. In spot ups he is a great shooter, that also attacks closeouts well. Him being paired with a shifty guard that can draw help without a screen would be great for him so he can play off the ball some. He’s not known as much for his shooting, but he is clearly one of the best shooters in the draft, and not afraid of the big shot. A lot of people get lost when looking for shooters, and just look at the guy with the best form instead of who makes shots. Basketball is not a beauty contest, it’s about results. Some worse shooters have “perfect form”, but Jerome makes more shots, so he is the better shooter. Also his shot form is not ugly by any means. He has great shot selection, and has a very good balance of shooting 3’s versus mid range. Another area Ty can nail shots is coming off screens. He was in the 77th percentile last year off screens.

Ty is at least an average defender despite his lack of length and quickness. He can guard 1’s and 2’s. Even though he is slow, he is smart and always looks at the defenders waist, so he doesn’t fall for many moves. He could struggle versus quicker guards, and if he gets beat he doesn’t have the length to recover. I don’t think Ty will ever be a good on ball defender, but he will bring value off the ball. He played for a great defensive coach in college in Tony Bennett, so he definitely learned a lot, and learned how to max out his ability for his athleticism. He’s always in the right spot off the ball, and does an incredible job talking, which is very important for defense. The best defenses communicate the best, and Jerome has the leadership qualities to do this. He also has great IQ off the ball knowing when to help, versus when not too.

Ty Jerome has a high floor, but low ceiling. He will never be a star player, but is a safe and solid pick for a team looking to add someone to their rotation right away. He is a great fit for the modern NBA in terms of ball movement and player movement. Ty knows how to play and is never standing still on offense, while being fantastic at moving the ball. He’s going to get passed on in the draft for more athletic players, but his IQ and toughness effects winning more than that. Coaches and GM’S make this mistake every year. His floor is a smart role player off the bench that gets his teammates involved. I expect him to be a great backup point guard, that is sometimes in at the end of close games because of how trustworthy he is with the ball, and how good of a shot maker is. If he improves his shiftiness and quickness he has the ceiling to become a solid starting point guard that can play off the ball as well. Being paired with a shifty backcourt mate will allow him to reach his potential, because that will cover his weakness.